Germany and the Netherlands1998

We've decided to scoot out of here for a little while, a long needed break from landscaping and work! I decided to build our itinerary on a web page instead of Calender Creator Plus! Consequently, it's available for you to see and perhaps follow along as we travel from day to day.

Since I was going to build it on a web page, I thought I would see how much of this trip I could plan, reserve and purchase on the internet.

Well, here's the story:

All OnLine transactions (except NorthWest) were made in Deutche, though several sites have English equivalents.

There are several links built into this page, follow them, and then follow your nose when you get to them. For example, there are two links to the Hotel De L'Europe, it's a pretty boring link by itself. BUT, once you get to the page, if you click on each of the five links above the name and address of the hotel, you'll find lots of neat pages about the hotel.

The Stuttgart link is a German speaking page, so I've put a program in this web page to translate it into English. Just click on the TRANSLATE button immediately following the link and then click on translate again (unless you use NS 4.5) to see the page in English. (Use your back button until you return to this page when you are done reading the translated text)

Our plans have changed!  Since we were going to Germany on vacation, General Motors decided to have Sarah meet with the engineers at Opel. So with 72 hours notice, we're leaving for Europe earlier than planned!

Thursday - December 1, 1998 
At 5:20pm, leave Detroit's DTW on NWA flight # 52 
Wednesday - December 2, 1998 
Arrive in Frankfurt at 7:20am. 
Pick up National Rental car at 9:00 am. 
Drive to Holiday Inne Crown Plaza in Wiesbaden 
and take a nap before Sarah goes to Opal for meetings at noon.
Thursday - December 3, 1998 
Drive to Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber 
We are staying at Hotel Eisenhut for three nights.
Friday - December 4, 1998 
While there, we will certainly shop at Kathe Wohlfahrt's store. Somebody we know has been there before!
Saturday - December 5, 1998 
More Shoping in Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber
(different www site than above)
Sunday - December 6, 1998 
After we check out and spend some more money, we're going to take a drive to Nuremberg We'll spend a portion of the day in Nuremberg and then continue on to Stuttgart. 
We'll be staying at Hotel Traube (a Romantik Hotel) for three nights.
Monday - December 7, 1998 
We'll check out the sites in Stuttgart 
as well as do some shoppping at the Christmas Markets.
Tuesday - December 8, 1998 
We heard of a little town called Tubingen and decided it was a 'must see' while we are there. It was just voted as the best place to live in all of Germany.
Wednesday - December 9, 1998 
It's time to move on again, this time we're taking the ICE train from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. There's so much to see there, that we hope to just whet our appetite so we can return and spend a week in Amsterdam all by itself. We're staying at the Hotel De L'Europe, it's right downtown, we should be able to do plenty of "window watching" while we are there.
Thursday - December 10, 1998 
More time in Amsterdam
Friday - December 11, 1998 
Jump on KLM flight 49 at 4:20 pm and get back to Detroit at 7:00pm