The next house project . . .

Since the house addition was already one year old we had to come up with yet another project - LANDSCAPING!

We had plans drawn up during the summer, but decided to wait until fall when the weather was a bit cooler (October) to act on them. Our new plan involved taking out ALL of the plants and shrubs around the house, relocating them, adding lots of new plant material plus building a retaining wall and adding a few boulders.

The first thing Jason and I did, with help from Chris and my Dad, was to construct the retaining wall. And knowing us as you do, you shouldn't be surprised that this is not a little wall, it extends from our driveway north around the house to the deck in back.

The boulders arrived with a loud thud bright and early on a Saturday morning. All 50 tons were dumped in our side yard at day break. I'm sure the neighbors had to wonder once again what we were thinking! Our favorite bobcat driver, Ken, was back again to help us place bolder retaining wall around the deck, create an even larger berm on the south side of the house and make a small berm on the south-east corner of our yard.

While we were at it, we decided to make a large porch across the front of the house. Our helpers were definitely needed once again to help with pouring the concrete.

The dirt to fill in the retaining walls and berms arrived by semi-trucks! All 200 yards of dirt were used to fill in our new plant bedding areas. Needless to say Ken was called into action one more time.

We relocated all of our current plants just as the weather was becoming cooler. We finished this phase of the project in early November.

Now we are looking forward to spring and planting new shrubs and plants. Check back for photos of the finished project.

I'm a bit apprehensive to find out what the next project will be . . . you know it will have to be something big . . .